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Question about Hollander Interchange Manuals

From: Dave Lisiecki
Remote Name:
Date: February 06, 2003
Time: 15:26:57


(I know what they are, but never looked at one.)I see all the new and old Hollander manuals on ebay and such, and the demand seems to be high. They seem to have the answers to a lot of the questions here, most of which are way over my head. I noticed that one can still purchase the books directly at "relatively" reasonable prices . I'm surprised that even my hard-core car buddies that do a lot of wrecking yard scrounging know what they are, but yet do not own a copy. So my question is, if there are still some parts one is looking for, is one of these books highly recommended and complete? Are the ones in the link above fine? I think the answer is yes, but I'm surprised none of my local buddies have a copy. Maybe because most wrecking yards have one to look at(?).


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