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engine miss at constant speed - whats up?

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: November 12, 2003


The other day the plymouth ( 318 2 barrel ) would hesitate and try to stall when going from idle to slight accelerate. I checked the jets and 1 was blocked. anyway I pulled it down and found crap everywhere. I cleaned everything checked everything, fixed the choke, checked the jets and float and idle screws. Put it back on the car and it starts and idles like a dream. even slight acceleration hesitation is gone. Job completed. But now at constant speed from 2000rpm up to 3000rpm it has a engine miss. not a heavy miss just slight and an even timed miss if you know what I mean. Is that electrical or fuel? The engine seems strong and will rev free just when held constant it has a miss? any help would be greatly appreciated tim


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