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Re: 727 or 904

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: November 12, 2003


Though the 727 and 904 are related, the 904 is a much lighter trany and would not live long behind a Hemi in any case. No 727 has a overdrive unit built in, some related late model Mopar tranys that are based on the 727 do have overdrive in the trucks, , 518 is based on the 727 and 500, is based on 904...... and the 518 should bolt with a kit to the hemi if it is for the small block v8.. but be carefull, there are 4 types, two very late are all computer control (differant numbers and you need the computer stuff, made for fuel injection systems), 2 earlier ones (518/500) that you must use the button for overdrive and need to salvage the button and wire harness or the overdrive will not work (of course the button will need a power supply, mount the button and plug harness into the trany and that part is done).


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