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Help with 55 Desoto factory A/C pics

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: November 12, 2003


Hi Everyone. I was getting to the point of hanging the factory a/c compressor to the 55 Desoto that i'm working on. I need to make/find brackets for the big ol' York behemoth 2 cyl comp. so i started looking in the service manual and lo and behold there are no real good pics of the compressor mounting brackets for 1955. there's a good layout view of the R22 type used in 1954 but of course not of 55. Has anyone got factory a/c in their 55 desoto? I have brackets for a 55 Chrysler, but the desoto front timing cover and bolt points are very differnt. If you or someone you know has this setup, could I possibly get pics of the bracket mounting points? and the idler pulley too? These are the only parts I do not have. The brackets I can make but I would like to mimic a factory bracket as best as I can. I also have a double idler pulley for the water pump, but do not have the correct bracket for it. and lastly the oil fill tube is way different. I think I can get one of those made, and put the baffle insert in the new one. Has anyone gone through this exercise? any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lee


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