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1960-61 Dodge/Plymouth rarity

From: Silverstead7
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Date: November 14, 2003


Hello Mopar fans, I am wondering, which Dodge model is harder to find, the 1960-61 Dodge, Dodge Dart, Plymouths, or the later 62-64 Dodge Custom 880s (they are very similar to the 60-61 Dodges except for front/rear styling differences, but they even have the same dashboards, etc)? In my California town, there is a 63 Custom 880 that is occasionally seen around town, and also a 1961 Seneca, but the 1960 ones are hard to find (but I have seen a few around California). Thats strange since Custom 880s sold in relatively few numbers, while the 1960 Dodges sold very well (counting all models, I mean). Thanks, Silverstead7


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