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prices of junkbeach-boy

From: beach-boy
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Date: November 15, 2003


just need to sound off! i go to all these sights hoping to find a car that a guy of modest means can aford and all i find is somebody has either walked an old salvage yard or owns one and takes pictures of cars that have been lying around so long and picked through so mush theres not much left. the sad part of this is that the price everyone asks for these rusted shells is totally crazy. by time you spend $2000-$3000 for this junk and try to buy, let alone find the parts to make it resemble a car again youve wondered why? i just spent $1000.00 on a poly 318 and still not done with the engine and still dont have anything! this was on a car that was suppost to run good. i guess my point is that a owning a classic mopar- no any old car is nit a poor mans hobby any more. the car alone costs too much anymore-greed i guess-but when someone has a part for one it instantly becomes gold. you have more in the car than it is really worth, but you get so far and then your stuck! try to finish your dream or cut your loses and let someone else try to fulfill thier dream. the outragous prices that have been set on these cars is sad. too bad weve taken the fun out of a hobby some of us used to love. its to bad we forgot why we wanted that old car in the first place- it took us back to a simpler happper time that now greed has taken away from us. i just wanted to have fun again, not compete for best of show-i thought the fun was driving your dream, not trailering your gold mine to that next show. disappointed in those who have taken the fun out of the dreaming. thanks?


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