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Re: Torsionbars again

From: Herman Parker
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Date: November 16, 2003


Hi John, While doing research on who makes NEW torsion bars for our finned cars, I in fact, did discover there is a certain amount of "preload" built in. The preload is determined by how much indexing of the end of the bar in relation to the other end - meaning the hex ends are not in line with each other. If you swap left for right, the indexing is in the wrong direction and you'll never be able to crank one of them up enough for the bar to have the correct spring rate. That's all I know on the subject other than no one currently make new bars. I found someone willing to make them, but I don't have time right now to work on the specifications and demensions. Sounds easy, but in my research, I discovered that Mother Mopar's engineers changed their thinking about bar diameters in the 60's and I'd want to capture any improvements they made. If anyone in the group already knows or has done this research in depth, please let me know. Strangely enough, I'm told by an interested engineer in Chrysler's Engineering Dept, no old drawings, test data or research is in their archives that far back. Herman


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