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Re: Paint Costs

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: November 16, 2003


The price of paint has gone up for a variety of reasons. Some are because it IS getting better (anybody remember nitrocellulose lacquer paints?), and for other reasons that have notihing to do with the actual paint, but more the extreme environmental controls put on the chemicals processed to make it, plus the cost of the type of transport and disposal of old paints (try putting half a can of fresh paint of any kind on the curb - see if the garbageman picks it up!) In the end, we all pay for this in the cost of paint. I had a QUART of a special metallic gold for the dash of my Adventurer made up locally. Cost - $77.00/qt). But it DOES match the original, and that was hard to do, so part of this cost was the trial and error in the formulation. It is a shame that old cars seem to be worth more as junkyard hulks than their original sales price, and parts that can only be described as "restorable" are going for prices that one should feel would only be commanded by a NORS part. But this is now our environment. Every now and again you find a bargain, and you always remember that with fondness. Keep the watch out for a good, complete, restorable vehicle. Sometimes you find them in the most unlikely places, and at reasonable prices. Keep hunting!


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