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Re: 727 interchangability/shift linkage

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: November 16, 2003


If you want a alum case 727 to replace your castiron case trany and keep it looking like stock with the parking brake on the rear, you will need a adapter kit for the bell and crank, because of crank differance if using the stock engine, if using a post 62 engine then any truck 727 (loadflite) 62 to 64 should bolt without adapter kit (the truck trany can be hard to find since they did not make many and BB truck appications next to impossable). Of course you will need to match BB and BB, or SB and SB, engines and tranys. Pushbutton shifters stopped in 64 on trucks, cable shift was still use till at least 66 in trucks but with a parking sprag like in the 65 cars. Cars lost the drum on the rear in 62 and used cable shifters till 65 with dash parking leaver (except 65 which is one year only column shift cable shift 727 but is the same case with a differant valve body)


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