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Re: prices of junkbeach-boy

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: November 16, 2003


I somewhat agree with your post. However, if we are to lend any credibility to our fine hobby, it is only fair to expect a decent amount of money from these rare parts. Otherwise, anyone, and everyone who buys these parts would be unappreciative of their value, and wouldn't in any way try to preserve them. Therefore, destroying them, with the thought in mind, easy come easy go..... These old Mopars were at one time like the famed Buffalo of the wild west days.. You really couldn't go anywhere without seeing one. As time passed, they became fewer, and further between. Today, it is a rare treat indeed to see one in drivable condition, let alone restored to 100%. I don't blame the sellers of these parts in the least for expecting a decent dollar for their parts. Where, I point the blame for the inflated value of the Forward Look parts is in the people of the past who used these fine cars for demolition derbies/stock cars/scrap metal, etc, etc, when they were perfectly restorable cars.... Waste not, want not, applies to this situation in more ways than one....My friend, that is why you don't see the Famed Forward Look cars on every street corner.. Makes us kinda special, doesen't it??....Have a good day!


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