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Early bird gets the worm!Slowpoke gets the dirt!

From: chrycopsycho
Email: erikaase<at>
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Date: November 17, 2003


I empathize with the tone of the original post as I'm a broke university student just trying to put togethther a fwd look car on a budget,it can be done but you have to have the patience of salomon. I found my rustfree 60 new yorker in a little ad in a little town paper that I bought when I was in the area briefly.I phoned the guy right away,looked at it,won the guy over,two days later picked it up for $700 cdn!I saw him about a month later and he said that he had received numerous calls after I bought it. Moral of the story is dig ,talk to people,go for a drive to different locales,read obscure newspapers and when you find it nail it quick!.Thats how you get a bargain. I also recently just picked up a 61 chrysler 2drht and 4dr sedan for $500 cdn by digging.Another piece of advice forget about a 57-58 plymouth,even the most removed backwoods recluse in northern canada knows the scoop on them.


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