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the right place at the right time HELPS !

From: chuck lowe
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Date: November 17, 2003


being in the right place at the right time works---about 2 yrs. ago i was working at the cardinal power plant in brilliant ohio doing a major EPA project---two brothers were down from coshocton ohio working with us---harold and pat sharier-in the lunch trailer one day-harold turned to pat and said-why don't you tell chuck about the old car you have---when he was done i asked how much-he said 1500---i told him i didn't even need to see it---when can i pick it up---he said you don't have to pick it up-i will drive it down to you and if for any reason you don't want it i will drive back home(NO CHANCE)---after he parked the car he was walking in the main gate another guy offered him 2500 but it was promised to me---this car is my dart !---until 3 yrs. ago it was owned by the original owner------60 dodge dart seneca-4 door-318 poly-35428 mi.-mediteranian blue and white-with matching interior---the years were pretty hard on the old girl---she sat on the street her whole life---but just cosmetic and is solid as a rock---the worst part of her was the typical front fender rust of the 60's cars---at the same time another guy(A BOILER MAKER)told me that he had bought a piece of property in pittsburgh that had some old cars on it-turns out there was a 60 dodge two door hard top-got it for 200(COMPLETE BUT A PARTS CAR-LOTS OF RUST)---but getting back to the original post---i now have about three times what the car is worth invested-with spares-parts needed and all---do i care?-NOOOOOOOOOOOO---this car is my baby---i plan to keep her till i die---some parts cost are way out of line---but if you look you can find them at a better cost---but being in the right place at the right time sure helps---later---chuck lowe


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