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If its a hobby OK - Business is Different!

From: tim
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Date: November 19, 2003


Bill I agreed with your comments regarding doing it yourself. I did the same thing with my plymouth, body, rust removal, upholstery , paint, electrical. If I couldn't do all this I wouldn't be able to afford to have my hobby. But I disagree with your comments about business charge rates. I realise some companies charge a lot more than others or seem excessive but with overheads these days, Staff wages, etc, Shop bills, the tools required and down time thats why charge rates are so high. I speak from personal experience running a sign company with my father employing 12 people. we charge $ 65 per hour and have been told by acccountants thats the lowest you should charge. If you own a business you are in it to make money. Period. Not to help eveybody paint there dream car, etc, etc. In the capital cities they are charging up to $100 per hour (signmakers). The guy who fixs our 1985 model photocopier is on $140 per hour, work that out! My two cents. p.s. I'm not trying to have a go at you BILL, just shed some light on the business side of things. My two cents


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