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From: Jason in Utah
Email: sas
Remote Name:
Date: November 22, 2003


okay, here's the poop. the filler tube for the gas tank in my 1959 Plymouth Savoy has what looks to be a metal divider welded into it, it is not plugged, or otherwise obstructed. all passageways are clear and you can see through them. though with the gas cap on there's no way it would let anything vent, I'm telling you. and there is absolutely not an external vent line. I WISH THERE WAS!(now on my '58 Dodge Power Wagon 4x4, yeah it has a vent line.) you can tell the tank had started to collapse on the Savoy, lucky i caught it in time. the old owner said it had a vented cap originally (I talked to him again the other day), but he lost it, put on a non vented one, and then began having all sorts of problems. just wanted to let you guys that don't have your cars anymore know what the setup was since you asked =) but I will definetely be using a vented cap. anyone got a source?? could i drill vent holes in the one i've got?? sounds like about the only option to me. Jason


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