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Re: Loadflite to carb linkage

From: Jeffc
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Date: November 23, 2003


Herman is correct as far as he took it. However, it may be that the valves are sticking inside after all those years of sitting, or the kick down linkage is out of adjustment....... if your fluid color is a nice pink/red color, with no burnt smell and no little black specks in the fluid you should be OK.... You should be able to tell this just from pulling the stick and looking, pull the stick and use a white paper towel to tell color and see of there is black specks...... If your up to a little work yourself before handing it over to a trany shop here is what I would do.... Drop the pan on the trany and clean it out and replace the filter..... if you find no large amounts of black stuff, or metal, a little is not abnormal, your looking good...... then adjust the kick down rod...... rod is adjusted like this: detach it at the carb, pull rod all the way forward from the trany.. <sometimes you will need a helper under the car to make sure is it all the way forward and held that way when you are adjusting the rod>... aline the the hole with the stud on the carb by tuning the tip of the rod and put it back on .....( if the rod has a slot instead of just a hole, it needs to be the back of the slot (ie.. to the fire wall side and make sure there is a spring to hold it forward ))..... test drive it to see if it kicking down, if not try again and add one turn clock wise to rod and try agian.


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