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Re: Valve train lifter noise at acceleration 392 hemi

From: Herman Parker
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Date: November 24, 2003


Hi Tom, I've thinking about Mike's problem and was wondering about the the lifter position as well. I came in this morning and remembered a similar problem my son-in-law had afew years ago with a 347 stroker F**d motor he built. After disassembly , reassembly and numbeous calls to Competition Cams, he finally got the answer from a local drag racer. It turns out my son-in-law used Rhodes lifters so he could have decent vaccum for his power brakes. These lifters allow higher vaccum at idle with a high lift cam by a quick bleed down feature at low rpm's which effectively lowers the lift. Once this was understood, he quit worrying about it and has since put over 13,000 miles on the engine - some of those miles were hard blasts down the strip. As I was writting this response, I also remember something about an oil check valve in the old hemis. You may want to talk to Bob Walker about your problem. He is the expert of experts on old hemis. Hope this helps. Herman


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