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318 poly into a 61 Plymouth 2 dr

From: george
Remote Name:
Date: November 24, 2003


HI, I need some expert advice. I want to put a V8 into my 61 2 dr post Belvedere. It has a 225, 3 on the tree. The local Mopar "experts" are wearing me out - one says I need to find a V8 car and change the K member etc ( I don't see a k member under this car looks more like a big subframe)- the other says I just need mounts for the engine. If I keep the 3 speed I need the bellhousing to match the V8 to it. So who is right? Mounts or whole front suspension/K member etc? If it gets too complicated I'll keep the six, but I read there were highway patrol cars with 383's, duals, std shift from the factory. A guy locally has a gorgeous rebuilt 61 poly with tri power & std trans bell housing. I am paralyzed- help! Thanks for any advice.


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