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Another point of view and...the last word :-)

From: Bill in SD
Email: noyb
Remote Name:
Date: November 24, 2003


Like I said before I'm not trying to piss off anyone on the board or start getting hate mail from people that think they know it all (which I didn't appreciate multiple angry emails hense I will no longer be putting my email address on the board). Here's another point of view. Most service stations around her charge close to $80 a tow. A few private individuals got smart and got their own tow trucks and only charge $35 a tow. Now who would you use? Why pay up to $45 extra for the exact same service? Maybe people in other parts of the country like to throw their money away but not people in the Dakotas. A good paying job around here is between $7-8 an hour. My general labor rate is $25 an hour. Most people have to work three hours to pay for every hour I put into their car. I know a service station tow truck driver. He gets paid $5 per car he tows. He's the one that is on call and gets woke up in the middle of the night. He has to lay in the snow and roast in the sun. Yet he only gets $5 a car and he's the one doing all of the work while the service station gets rich. And as far as $500 cost of painting a car...I never said that is what I'm going to charge. That was MY cost. Stop putting words in my mouth. The rate is roughly $100-$150 per panel depending on paint. Prep work (such as sanding, dent, hole repair, etc) is $40 per hour. I'm not starting this job to become a rich fat cat. I have a great paying job with the best retirement system in the US. I have crunched numbers. Also the zoning laws around here are a lot more flexable. There is no smog hanging over head either as far as EPA regs go. Have you ever been around a tractor? They puff more smoke in the air then 20 cars. SD doesn't even have vehicle inspections or emissions tests anymore because a large majority of the state is farming and ranching. $when a combine costs 1/4 million bucks you don't go and get a new one every few years. What may work in your area would not work here. And if you say I wouldn't make it in your area that's fine...I'm not in your area. It's like trying to compare apples and oranges. Nuff said.


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