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Re: 318 poly into a 61 Plymouth 2 dr.Just do it!

From: chrycopsycho
Email: erikaase<at>
Remote Name:
Date: November 24, 2003


I converted my 225,3 in tree combo over to 383 pushbutton in my 60 plymouth.donor car was a 60 chrysler. I had to cut out,position and weld in motor mounts from the chrysler.Tranny cross member was same,had to shorten drivesahft.Would recommend changing steering column over to power setup,guys tell me 74-75 duster mc and brake booster will fit.You might have to change rear end depending how powerful new motor is as stock in your car isn'y very tough.Overall it's not that tough of conversion and I would highly recommend it as I've enjoyed my 60 plymouth way more that I have power steering,brakes and power in general. three in the tree is like driving a tractor,no glamor or fun.


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