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Quest for christine:winter plans for summer hunt!

From: chrycopsycho
Email: erikaase'at"
Remote Name:
Date: November 25, 2003


Im currently finishing up my exams,snow is falling steadily and Im planning out my expedition to track,find and acquire the elusive christine. My brother brought me back some pics,a rough map and some sketchy details of a car he found in the rain forest of coastal British Columbia.He said the car had been abandoned many moons ago.After careful examination of the pics I discerned it was a 58 belvedere 2drht.Glass was intact and most trim seemed to be there.He mentioned that there was hostile locals and grizzlies about but that only piqued my interest even more.He also mentioned 23% grades and rough gravel hardpan.Danger,excitement,a long journey,hardship and rare treasure at the end is too good to pass up in this safety conscious era.I plan to take a buddy and document my expedition which hopefully will make it on to the discovery channel.So if you dont hear from me next summer,send out the search party!


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