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Re: Quest for christine:winter plans for summer hunt!

From: Jimmy
Remote Name:
Date: November 26, 2003


Chryco, And I thought we Americans were serious about our cars! God bless Canada for producing the newest incarnation of Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee in the quest to rescue the fair maiden Christine. Go ye therefore unto the wild and doeth battle for thine heart's true love, Chryco (and be sureth to have thy health insurance paid up on this fair day) Also remember to wear double socks for the cold, bring plenty of pork and beans, pack your binoculars, and carry a double barrel shotgun in case Bigfoot tries to stop you. OH, almost forgot...record the whole thing on video...we could have the remaking of the Blair Witch Project here. Be sure to keep us posted when you start out on the journey as I am going on a beer fast to give you spiritual enlightenment and guide you in your travels. Son, may the force be with you.


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