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Re: Way to be a jerk

From: Jason in Utah
Email: sas
Remote Name:
Date: December 01, 2003


you know I'm sure you consider me to be one of those "ignorant" people, but you know what, this is my first forward look car, and I am going to ask questions you probably think are stupid. but who cares, you should be glad to educate those of us with less knowledge of these cars so we can keep them around. or are you just trying to act superior and offend everyone?? I've noticed you make these type of posts frequently, or are just plain rude in your responses I don't know what the problem is, but the guys on the forum aren't your personal whipping boys, this should be an accepting place we can all come to to relax talk cars make friends and enjoy good people. i've personally made friends on this forum and it's been great to turn to them for help or support even on things totally unrelated to cars. maybe you should think about things before you put them out there for the public to see. I for one am offended, oh and BTW I have the shop manual, and IT DOESN'T ALWAYS COVER EVERYTHING OR EXPLAIN CLEARLY. Later, Jason


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