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Lars.... Sharpen your sword... Your in for a war!!!

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: December 01, 2003


It never fails to amaze me when some Yum-Yum gets the idea that they are better than others, because they have been there/done that... Lars, for your information, you're not better than anyone else, nor does your knowledge about these forward look cars make you any smarter, contrary to what your mother might have told you as a youngster. To quote a very old Taoist saying... "A thousand mile journey starts with one step".. That means that each of us have and had to start somewhere to gain the knowledge that we have today. How dare you belittle someone for asking an honest question; even if it is simple in terms of the knowledge floating around on this board. I find it dispicable that anyone would even try to thwart the efforts of someone who is trying to gain some knowledge about these fine cars... You need to take a step back my friend, and rethink what it is your are trying to prove here... It certainly isn't the preservation of these fine cars and our fine hobby. You are definately on the outside looking in on this one...........Thank you!


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