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Re: Temp guage and Fuel tank sender repairs

From: alumcan
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Date: December 01, 2003


Timmy, you andI both might have the same temp/guage problem. Lemmie tell what I have/haven't done so far, see if it don't help. When I got the car, the seller said that there was something wrong with the guage. The needle would be a little bit past the last 'zero', the motor was running cool. At least it did on a test drive. OK, back home, I make a hurrried trip to a VERY anticipated car show with a weeks worth of prep. Upon arrival to teh show, I knew the motor was running hot, but not 'puking'hot. After that show was over and I proceded with my several week mechanical once over. I noticed that there was a new water pump, after tearing into the cooling sys, a 160 T stat, and a freshly painted radiator. TWO used temp guages ( in the spare parts) and a NOS one in the dash, plus a new sending unit in the motor, with a hardly used one in the spare parts. I found the rad was over half way plugged with crud, and the new sending units was for an idiot light, NOT a guage. So after my usual polishing fo the top tank, rad rodded out, new (guage) sending unit, a complete pressure blasting of the block and heater core, new hoses, OM clamps, the entire motor somewhat detailed, guess what? According to the NOS guage in the dash it's STILL running very hot! I have one of those little meat cooking thermometers (1" dia guage) wedged between two of the intake runners, just ahead of the carb. After a hard run up Cheat Mtn, the dash guage sez that the car should be boiling, but little meat guage sez a hair past the 160 mark. Borrow one of those digital trigger operated gun style point thermometers, after another harder run up Cheat, the meat guage read the same and the digital read 163,4. So, is the 'hot' wire to the OM NOS guage installed on the wrong prong, I'll find out later on this winter. This help?


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