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Re: Why Daven gave up a stereo installation career (Sid will li...

From: Jonnie
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Date: December 02, 2003


Daven...I applaud your professionalism in not want to ruin "old iron"! If anyone on this sight reads Rod&Custom, Custom Rodder, The Rodder's Journal, or any other publications of that type, they know that there is ALWAYS "Plan B". No matter if it's a high-dollar car or a back-yard built machine, there's always a way to install stereo, CD and other equipment WITHOUT ruining the dash, or , otherwise destroying the harmony and balance of the original design. But most shops are too focused on "getting it done" and looking at the clock to do it right when it comes to older machinery. Congrats to Daven and the rest of the "Quality Is Job 1" Crew. Best to you, Jonnie


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