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Ancestry - Hemis to LAs

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
Remote Name:
Date: December 02, 2003


Archetecture certainly depends on your definition. The progression was Chrysler Hemi, DeSoto Hemi, Dodge Hemi, redesigned Chrysler Hemi, Plymouth/Chrysler Canada Poly (the "A" ploy at 277,301,303, 313Canadian, 318, and 326), then the LA engine (273, 318, 340, 360) and finally the redsigned LA Magnum engines (5.2L, 5.9L, and their cousins the 3.9L V6 and 8.0L V10). The basic similar archetecture was that the cam to crank centerlines are the same on all, the rear block bellhousing poattern is the same (less one bolt hole), the distributor mounting was at the rear in the same spot (not height, though), and a few odd parts, there is not much interchangeable even within the hemi line, much less the "A" ploy and the LA wedges.


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