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Re: Continued Ignorance or what to ask for, for Dec 25.

From: Kris' helper
Email: POLE Twee Twee Too Twee
Remote Name:
Date: December 02, 2003


wow thats ONE bitchin statement. Mostly the ," Ask Mom, Dad, or Kris Kringle to get you a couple of books for Christmas- a Shop manual for your car and a MoToRs manual covering the range of years that contains your car. OOOps Dont forget tools!!!! Its rumored they are required to DO that work shown in the manuals. THEN write the list about your successes. Time to become REAL Forward Look owners and fixers, not wanna bee's!!!!!! Been there done that there is no other way. Hope Kris Kringle is good to you........>" Is that NASTY or what????? Sure enough to get anyones blood a boilin' that DONT have them things.... Kris' little helper- aka Lars


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