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From: chuck lowe
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Date: December 03, 2003


SID i commend you on your reading skills-but comprehension-your screwed!---lets see if you can comprehend this-THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE POST I HAVE LEFT ON THIS SITE THAT I HAVEN"T HAD AN ANSMER FOR---some may be by your standards TRIVIAL---BUT I REALLY DON"T CARE---the world is full of people like you-smarter-more talented and just better than all the rest---GOOD FOR YOU---i may not be the sharpest tack in the box-but i'm satisfied with that because i am not alone---in the two yrs.i have had my dart-i have come to know EVERY nut-bolt-screw-washer-gasket-seal-kotter pin-clamp-fastener on a personal basis---they have been cleaned-painted or replaced---have you---think what you will---ass holes always always do---my dart is getting the best of what i can give-and probably better than you could give---again by your standards may be not enough but again i don't care---BUT THE FACT STILL REMAINS-IT'S MY CAR-MY TIME-MY MONEY---i concede to the fact that we all need books and manuals for our perspective cars and have not disputed that---i also have books and manuals for 59 and 61 added to the stack of about three feet high for my dart---BUT YOU CAN'T BUST ON SOMEONE'S ASS BECAUSE THEY DON"T OR BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU THINK IS A STUPID QUESTION---only the lowest of low-lifes would bust on some one for asking a question and the way it seems you fit the bill rather nicely---if you have a rebutle to this post-fine-but this subject to me is CLOSED---TO ONE AND ALL OF FORWARD LOOK---I APOLOGIZE FOR THE MANOR IN WHICH I TOOK ON THIS PLIGHT---IT IS DUE IN PART TO MY WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA UP BRINGING---YOU JUST CAN'T TREAT PEOPLE THAT WAY---LATER---THE FORWARD LOOK CLOWN---HONK-HONK---CHUCK LOWE ps.if you want to go after some one-go after the parts vendor that sells the wrong-substandard-or just plain junk parts---or the vendor that owes you money on a refund---or the vendor that won't return your calls for parts you paid for a year ago---GO GET EM HOT SHOT


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