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Re: Early Hemi and Mopar small block V-8s

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: December 03, 2003


That is a pretty good summary. The Dodge hemi block was used by Plymouth as the basis of the 241/259 poly they had in 1955. The 277/301 was a Canadian designed poly for Fargo, but Plymouth used it as the engine (301) for the Fury, and it supplanted a 270 poly also used by Plymouth in 1956 in mid-year (the 277). Although never a hemi by design, it had very good performance characteristics in its own right, and because of that (and the lower production costs) was used through 1967 (1969 for some trucks)until it was supplanted by the LA engine, which was lighter and yet even lower in production costs. A side note here. Given the fact that the "A" ploy could be made to run with small Fords and Chevys, even with the weight disadvantage, it should come as no suprise that you can make a Dodge or Chrysler poly run quite strong as well. Too bad the speed market bypassed those engines.


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