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Re: My thumb is allready out,,,,,,,

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: December 04, 2003


,,,,,and in the wind!! Now, if a northerly bound driver takes pity on a poor old crotchity gray bearded biker, (hippy) and picks me up before this snow storm hits, I'll be there with bells on!! OK. 'ME' look you in the eye and call it whatever!? That surely is the pot callin' the kettle black! As many Street Rods as I have built/put together/tore apart??? I couldn't do it! My conscience wouldn't let me. Hell Bells, I can't leave nuthin' alone. I HAVE to modify/IMPORVE something,,,,,! Watch your self there "Kemosaba"! There are sphincters out there that would stab their own relatives for a buck, letalone a car!


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