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From: Mike B
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Date: December 04, 2003


Joey, If you talk to enough folks and read enough on the web, sandblasting is NOT how you remove paint from your sheetmetal. Media blasting by a good blasting outfit is one way, but probably best to do a little "DIY" and use some stripper on it. Dipping is another method, but there are plenty of paint houses that won't shoot dipped cars because of the chance of pockets existing that will leach out and ruin the job over time. I plan to use stripper first, then take it into a local blaster that is well reputed for a final cleaning. This will cut down on the time they need to spend on it, making it a little less expensive, and I will still get a clean car. Media blasting doesn't take out rust, though, so there is some sanding and wirewheeling to do first, then a metal prep before a good primer (epoxy is my preferred route) is applied. is a good forum to use for any questions you come up with on this resto stuff, as well as this forum. Good luck on your Savoy! Hope this helps. Mike


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