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Re: 5.7 hemi install in 57 dodge??????

From: alumcan
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Date: December 04, 2003


What the hell is a five point seven? They NEVER had that kind of talkin' back then. It was ALL cubic inches. Anyway, 5.7 = 350 cubic inches. The only older Mopar that had that kind of cubic inches, was the 350 Golden Commando in the '58 Plymouths, and it was a B Block not a Hemi. Now anything made with square headlights , I don't wanna know about. Three hundred cubic inces, 'round headlights and 2 1/2" dual exhaust! The 8" whatever, point 8 is, Ford rear with the disc brakes, '92 up Crown Vic cop car, is too wide for your Dodge. I have one sittin here. Measured everything all up, (for a '58 Plymmie) rotor face, to rotor face, (where the wheels bolt on) is 64 1/2". Your OM rear width should be the same as mine, at 60 7/8" That's 3 3/8" differnce, or just under 1 3/4" wider per side. The rear 'will' work,,,,,however,,,,, you might have to radius your wheel wells, or run 14 sets (like the Camaros) of air shocks. Then that falls in the 'bastardisation' catagory, (read posts below) Almost a war started over each opnion. Anyway, "Double H" up there, Hank Dozier, is making a caliper bracket to be able to bolt on disc brakes onto your OM (hopfully '68-'70 RR 8 3/4) rears. Read down or the first page in the archives. He tells of his progress.


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