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Re: 5.7 hemi install in 57 dodge OH!

From: alumcan
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Date: December 04, 2003


Learn something new every day! Only problem, I can't even afford to pay attention, let alone, go put up with those high speed salesmen just to drive a new vehicle, that I can't even afford to buy the wheels off of. Like I said, anyhting after the square headlights, I don't even look at. I buy a daily driver as cheap as I can, and then drive it as long as I can. Two ex's: I paid $100 to the orginal owner for a '71 Fury (150K) and drove it another 93K miles for 9 1/2 years before it went 'kaplooie' I paid $1,300 for a four year old F-250 4 X 4, with 200K, drove it for 17 years, and added another 300K. I do this so I can have some money for my 'toy(s)' A new vehcile to me is something for the rich to show off in. Nice to know that one my pick up a new carbed crate Hemi. Wonder how many '58 Plymouths (whatever) you can buy for the cost of that new Hemi?


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