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Re: What is "Oil Can" Same as mashing 'loomnum' cans,,,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: December 06, 2003


Yer a 'young-un' ain't ya. You out of puberty yet? LOL Anyway. "Oil Canning" is a 'old' expression pertaining to the action of body panels that have been f%$#ed up by an amature/someone who does not know what they are doing. I the 'old' days, oil cans didn't have a 'trigger' or a flexible spout. The old oil cans had a long pointed spout, straight up, you turned the can upside down, pointed the spout to whatever you wanted oiled, put your thumb on the bottom and pushed in, a squirt of oil came out, you raised your thumb back up, the bottom of the oil can made a slight 'pop' sound, and you pushed again with your thumb, and another squirt of oil came out the spout. Get the picture? On vehicle sheet metal, say, ANY flat panel, you push in slightly, released your hand, and the panel 'poped' back out. If you keep repeating, that 'pop' is called 'oil canning' Means the panel has been 'streched' from too much heat. (torch/grinding/sandblast) The way to 'fix' a body panel that 'oil cans', is more concentrated heat, (torch) then cool very rapidly with a songe/rag in cold water.


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