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Re: What is "Oil Can" Same as mashing 'loomnum' cans,,,,,

From: Dan
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Date: December 07, 2003


Alumcan, I was born in 1965. I don't know if that makes me old or young. I know it's all relative. I know about the oil cans that required a spout to be pushed into it. Is this the can you're talking about? I get the idea of a pannel that is enlarged because of heating it up in some fastion or another. I've enjoyed this board because of the maturity of the people on it. There are others out there there is a fight every other post. I've had a Forward Look car in the family ever since I can remember. (58 Plymouth Wagon 318 4 bl) This board has filled in some of the history and facts on the car for me. I cut my teath on this car. I worked on the engine when I was 15 and tried working on the body. Ddint' get very far. Just to set the record streight...... I've rebuilt around 3-4 engines (V 8's) and several small engines including a few modern day engines. Dan 58 Plymouth Wagon 318 4BL


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