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Need ideas for rear suspension and axle

From: Tim
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Date: December 08, 2003


The rear axle in my 57 dodge is just about shot. Theres deffinetly WAY to much play/slack in gears. Recently picked up a 741 rear from a 68 coronet to replace it. Needed the highway gears anyway, and you can't beat $50 for an axle that doesn't need rebuilding. I plan to rebuild the ball-trunnion and u-joint on the drive shaft in may car. Will the original u-joint for my drive shaft fit the 68 rear? Should i get a u-joint for the 68 instead? Also, i desperetly need leaf springs. I want the car to sit about 2-3 inches higher in the back then stock, so should i buy B or E body springs, or just buy originals? Whats the difference from the B and E body springs? Anything else i should know or do to get the 68 rear to fit? Thanks!


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