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Re: Need ideas for rear suspension and axle

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: December 09, 2003


Tim, where do you want the lower-level, of the rear wheel opening, to "rest", in relation to the upper-edge of the rear wheel? The factory-location is the rear-whhel opening 'justs' reaches the uppermost edge of the rear whee. FWIW, unless you REALLY know that you want your hot rod to point, radically, toward mother-earth, I'd suggest that you mount the body in the stock position--even with a power seat (I have one on Horrie) you won't be comfortable riding in the nose-down aspect. You do know that you do not have to jack-up the rear end, to acheive a 'stiff' rear end. I've said, several times, to date, that I scored a set of stationwagon springs, & then, just stacked the intermediate-leafs onto my OEM main-leaf, so that there was no problem with "fitment" of the leafsprings, to the mounts. Also, installing more than one 'clamp' to the leafsprings also tightens the springs. Horrie's rear end, now, is "quite" stiff, along with gas shocks (only one leafspring-clamp, tho). Neil Vedder


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