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From: Dave L.
Email: davel at
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Date: December 12, 2003


As long as you brought up, I also agree 100%, and I hope your concern makes a few people think. There is usually one culprit who starts something, then a bunch of other people foolish enough to perpetuate it here instead of taking it off-the-board. That minority gives the wrong impression of us, since I have found in reality, that I have never seen a more knowledgeable, helpful bunch of people (both on-line here and on the local level). I have learned so much here. Another board I participate is took a lot of babysitting over a long period of time before it became as civil as it is and remains these days, and I don't think we should have to ask our moderator to moderate to that extent. Granted, some of the more... "colorful" characters here give the board a unique personality, but the endless string of back-and-forth bickering makes us all look foolish. Thanks for having the guts to mention it again.


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