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Re: Crud on valves.....

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: December 12, 2003


The block was completely rebuilt and cleaned out prior to assembly. The motor was rebuilt by a friend of mine, and i am using the pcv valve he supplied. I had it attached to the air cleaner, but after talking to him last night, he suggested that i hook it to the port on the back of the carb. When i change the oil, the motor only takes a little 4-5 quarts before the full line is reached. I yanked the valley cover and everything in there looks really nice and clean. I didn't know if these intake valve deposits were causing my looping idle or not. I just can't get it to idle at less than 800 rpm (in drive) or it loops real bad and then stalls eventually. Anything above an idle speed and the car seems to be fine. Also, the intake manifold runners are sooty looking. I dont think that the exhaust crossover is leaking. But i dont understand why all the black stuff in my intake valves and ports? Should i be using a different pcv valve? Also, i thought i'd mention that the plugs have no oil deposits on them. I have a digi camera so i can send pics if you like. thanks.


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