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Re: '58 Canadian Dodge/Plodge?

From: alumcan
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Date: December 13, 2003


I caught part of a TV program last night. The 'woman' was younger, 'Doc's' love, the teacher, in the Western Back To The Future. Anyway, guy has a old beat up slant 6 Mopar something or other that is knocking. It's Christmas time, he needs money, can't sell the knocking MoPar for $50, so he decides to rob the local bank. He pulls the knocking MoPar up to the curb, runs into the bank. A car pulls up behind the knocking Mopar, and blocks it in the rear. What I thought was this '58 Ply Savoy 4 door (both sides of rear bottom gravel shields were missing) red and white, w/the Savoy sport tone trim, pulls up right beside the knocking Mopar, double parking. Well the deck lid on the '58 Ply said 'Dodge' Hah, someone changed deck lids. Well, the despondent guy comes running out of the bank, sees he's all blocked in, and jumpes into the double parked '58 Ply and roars off spinning the snow tires. A shot of the dash, looks like a '58 Ply. Well, the cops set up a road block and he crashes into the cop car, showing a '58 Dodge front clip, then crashes through a bridge gurardrail landing upside down in a river. Anyone see that movie? Classic example of one of them Plodges? I then switch over to a 'relaity' show where this girl got a $5,100 boob job and war riding around all over town with her top off letting her boobs jiggle in the wind.


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