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Re: Disc brake conversion

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at in place of @>
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Date: December 15, 2003


I bit the bullet and went with the deluxe kit.I simply didn't want to bother to find the time to hunt down the other pieces in salvage yards, clean, machine and recondition parts, run to the parts counter for this and that, etc. Ten years ago, I would have considered that a fun adventure, but hobby time is scarce for me these days. Plus Roger at AAJ is very contentious and everything he included was ready to bolt on. The only items the deluxe kit doesn't contain are the two short brake lines to the master cylinder. The rotors use conventional studs and nuts. Are you using a "D" body (Imperial) rear axle? Again, I would call AAJ and let him know which rear disk set up you are using. He can tell you if the proportioning valve he sells would have enough adjustment to compensate. I drive a '59 Suburban four day almost daily in aggressive rush hour traffic and I value my brakes over 0- 60 acceleration. :-) I also have a '59 two door Suburban (318-three on the tree) waiting in the wings for it's turn at reconditioning and I plan to use AAJ brakes on it as well. Just my three cents worth. Let us know how it goes. But don't hesitate to call AAJ and ask any questions.


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