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Good Grief,,,,,here they come. Again.

From: alumcan
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Date: December 15, 2003


My concern is NOT what someone does with their parts, or even how they get them. That's up to them and the ones who aqquire those parts. I'm sure that I can vouch for someone. Someone can vouch for me. There isn't a person on this site that can be vouched or vouch for someone else. All well and good! Our integerty is fine, dandy, and good enough for Santy Caluse to consider us ALL good little doobies. My concern, is why some take it upon their selves to find fault with someon's silly post? (don't read it) My question to Roger, Mike, whoever else the shoe fits, why does it bother you so much that someone posted something about fins being on Santa's sleigh or about FwdLk Mopars being mentioned in TV/movies? Have you two been appointed Lead Moderators? The reason I said the word 'again' this isn't the first time that self appointed moderators have reared their 'ugly head, and went cryin' to Fearless Leader. One time that comes to mind, a couple of years ago a plane crached into Einstine's section of Denver. It made the news with pictures, clear back here in WV! Back then, Einsitine usually made at least one post or awnsered one question per day. That day he wasn't on the board. I E-mailed BOTH of the addresses he had given me with no awnser! Finally, worried about his safety, I posted on the discussions asking if any knew of Einstine's whereabouts/safety. You would have thought that I had cussed the Pope out with the negitave remarks I and Fearless Leader got about 'non/off-topic' posts! Fearless Leader suggested, to go over to the Exhaust 'fume' section. Just like you said to do. What happens over there? More of the self proclaimed moderators bombard (e-mail) Fearless Leader about off-topic posts, that out of flustration, he threatined to close the WHOLE web site dowm! It's NOT these so called off-topic posts, that usually run outta steam after one day. It's the ones like the little kids, "I'm gonna run and tell" That bother Fearless with trivial complaints the get things runined! Wars and silly posts usually fan them selves out after a few posts, or a day or two. Why 'run and tell' is beyond me,,,,,??


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