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Cover retention

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
Remote Name:
Date: December 15, 2003


Bob....The WAGNER unit I was thinking of does not use a spring-clip wire to hold the cover on. Rather, it has a bolt and metal reinforcement clamp to hold the cover on. This gives maybey an inch or more clearance compared to the wire clip version. You might see if your parts store gave you an "equivalent" master clylinder rather than the EXACT one I mentioned. Regarding the clearance to your wire covers on the 392, if the master cylinder length gets you near them, then you have an issue, whether or not the height problem can be solved. A poential solution might be to see if you can find the "bellcrank" mechanism from a Dodge B-van, and to use this to make a master cylinder setup that turns 90 degrees away from the engine towards the inner fenderwell, if that would provide you the clearances you need.


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