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Re: Disc brake conversion

From: Kelly
Email: 325
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Date: December 15, 2003


I have the AAJ deluxe kit on my dodge, and let me tell you--If you are an impatient post-teen, not a good idea! I have already burned through three master cylinders!! For a daily driver that sees lots of L.A. traffic--not a good idea. For a saturday morning cruiser, it's totally perfect! Roger is VERY helpful, though. I probably won't have the kit on much longer, because I will swap out the c-body disc spindles, because I am putting porsche carrera turbo calipers on, and the adapters will work better off of the c-body spindles. I am also putting a later model rear end (without those !@#$@!$#$%%^ tapered axles and !@#$!$@#%#@$#^ press-on drums--warped both pressing the studs out!) so I can also put rear discs on as well. I will keep you posted how that turns out. Like I say, Roger has a great idea, and is always a HUGE help. Just use patience, and a saturday afternoon, and you can have the discs on your car! Kelly


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