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Dumb question for fearless leader and anybody else with 2 Cents

From: Jimmy
Remote Name:
Date: December 15, 2003


Dave, I have been on this website for a little over a year and I thought I had a handle on what should and shouldn't be posted here vs. the exhaust pipe until recently. The exhaust pipe section says it is for "hot rodders" with mechanical questions. Complaints from some people are making me question past posts of my own. Is the regular message board area strictly for nuts and bolts (excuse the pun) mechanical questions and answers? Does this mean that if I have a car related question which has some implications other than mechanical that I need to go to the Sahara Desert(Exhaust Pipe) and post there? Does this mean that Alumcan has to take out all the spice and hot sauce from his posts? (wouldn't want the humor police to give him a ticket) I apologize up front if this question should have asked in the "Exhaust Pipe" area...just seems like questions of deep philosophical value like "what is the meaning of life?" and "how do we use this board without launching world war 3" should be posed on this side. I know it sounds dumb but just wanted clarity and ...I ain't trying to start a war with this question.


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