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driveline vibration in 57 DeSoto

From: Phil Helfrich
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Date: December 19, 2003


Need a fair and BALANCED opinion. Rebuilt the front end--including new motor mounts--rebuilt rear ends, changed ball and trunion to modern u-joint (long time ago), balanced and just changed both u joints, put on new tires, balanced wheels, new tranny mount,new gas shocks, rear springs changed out about 15 years ago, even washed the car, and still there's a vibration in driveline. Starts at 55-60. You can see it shaking up on the rack. Have it at mechanics--his father was a Desoto dealer. He's getting stumped too. Says in manual the driveline angle should be about 6 degrees. Confused as to how you measure it exactly (knew I should of kept that high school science protractor). Anybody know anything about this? Phil, wobbling in Missouri


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