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Re: disc brake issues

From: Steve
Remote Name:
Date: December 21, 2003


You know, you trashed AAJ a few days ago and here you go again. I said it then and I am telling you again. I have a daily driver with an AAJ system in it too. I did not have any warpage problems, no broken brackets, no unsual wear, no installation issues. AAJ systems are used in many E body conversions that have muscle. I'm not talking about the one in the head either. My daily driver is 6400 pounds and drives around New York and New Jersey. It stops well, it does not chatter, the brackets are tight and work well. It sounds to me like you, the driver, may be the problem. Did it ever occure to you that maybe you are exceeding the design? Maybe you are just expecting too much from them? Maybe you have the brackets installed wrong? Or maybe it's just because you appear to not know what you are doing. If you have an issue with them, Call Roger. He's a good man and works hard to make a quality product. I've done 4 conversions with his stuff and have no problems or complaints. If I did, I would take it up with him, not post it all over the web because you feel like it. You are driving an old car. I realize LA is tough to drive in, I've been tere many times. New York isn't any better. Why are you the only one with these problems? Maybe you need a NASCAR set up? You must be the guy I watch on TV in those high speed chases. You want to trash someone? Come after me. But you're from California, that's not even a good contest.


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