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Re: 58 plymouth with smoothie wheels. pics inside

From: chuck lowe
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Date: December 26, 2003


KEVIN---your car looks great with stock wheels and caps---if you're sure you want to do the change over-universal smoothies is the way to go---the look is great and the price is even better---i have a set of smoothies mounted with a set of T/A white letter(my preference)@ about $500---if you want refine to little more period offers the MILNER SPECIAL-regular or reverse chrome wheel---the price quoted to for my dart was @ $175 (per wheel)-with optional baby moons---tires---KOKER has nastalgic tires for just about any vehicle ever made---offset---right now it's about 5:00 am.-a little later i will email you with the offset of my wheels---here's a little note about chrome reverse wheels---when i was a kid (in the JURASIAC period)i could buy chrome reverse wheels all day long for $20 a wheel-like the MILNER SPECIALS-times change and prices go up---hope i helped---later---chuck lowe


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