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AAJ kit and setup

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: December 26, 2003


Kelly...I have the AAJ kit on my 1956 DeSoto Adventurer, which although due to kingpin suspension/steering has to be different than the ball-joint setup you have, should share enough components to be similar. I see no real problem with this disc conversion, and feel that possibly the root cause of your problems may have grown out of your earlier experience with master cylinder setup. also, you need to make sure that you have the proper proportioning valve/residual valve setup to go with your disc/drum conversion. Since the car you have is the weight of a C-body, use one off a full-size Chrysler. Regarding the master cylinder setup, make sure you have an adjustible pushrod between the brake foot lever and the master cylinder. also, I like the hydraulic brake light switch over the one attached to the brake lever support, as it will indicate when there is a non-release of the pressure to the cylinders. Try and set it up so that you get about 1/8 travel of the pedal BEFORE the lights come on, and that upon release it goes off. Try this after a full bleed (master cylinder first, then wheel cylinders from farthest outboard to shortest run). Bleed them at least two times, and unless you have a power pressure bleeder, this is always best as a two-person operation. Then drive it for a short time, and rebleed and adjust. What most likely happened is the fluid pressure did not release, which caused heat buildup, and the warpage started some time ago, Once started, it continued to get worse. Finally a weld broke. I have talked with Roger on several occasions, and I can tell you that he has put a lot of research and effort into his kits. But occasionally, stuff will occur that has not been planned for, and it sounds like this is the case in your situation. At this point, I think that you might need a new bracket, and I would also invest in rebuilding the calipers at the same time, as they could now be sticking all by themselves. But Daven IS correct that if you want to stop like a mid-90s vehicle, NO kit that Roger makes will approach the Willwood or SS kits. Best person for advice on this forum who has successfully installed a maximum-duty street conversion on his vehicle is Sid in Germany. He has a 4-wheel disc conversion that can run the AutoBahn, and if asked, I am sure he would share how to turn that '58 Dodge of yours into a similar stopping vehicle.


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