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Re: Blasting?

From: Tony
Remote Name:
Date: December 27, 2003


Last week I got my 65 Sport Fury convertible back from the local blast shop. I have my car on a rotisserie and they were able to completely clean the bottom and exposed areas in the rear quarters where rust had completely gone through the metal. The front frame and the rear rails are completely rust free now and ready for primer. The floor pan is in great shape, inside and out. The company that did my car and probably 150 parts over the last 2 years uses a fine crushed garnet media, that doesn't pit or warp the sheet metal like coarse sand does. One drawback, even though they vacuumed the car, there was media still in the car when I got it back. With more vacuuming and tapping the body with a rubber malet, I was able to clean the car out. Email me for pictures of the car if you wish.


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